2018 Plan to Save the Cascadel Mutual Water Company

Vote for Dan and Mark for the Water Company

Get Transparency * Lower Rates * Better Service * NO CORRUPTION

Here’s How:

First and foremost, the Water Company will only deliver water.

The Water Company exists solely to deliver water to its member as required by law, its charter and its bylaws.

After cleaning up the mess, our plan will bring lower rates with better service, transparency, ethics and fairness to the Water Company as follows:

  • Bring the Water System into the 21st Century with efficiency measures and cost-cutting to LOWER RATES and streamline operation:
    • Payoff the USDA loan lowering rates $16 per month right off the bat.
    • Fully automate the system with an XiO system, paid for with cost cutting, recovered misused funds, and future savings. The water system can then be run on a smartphone or tablet, but will be largely set and forget.
    • Outsource billing, further cutting costs. This is huge. Not having to bill, and account for, membership accounts, will save a bundle. This will also allow direct online bill payment for members who desire. No more making deposits. No more dealing with checks. No more checkbook registers. No more customer mailings. Potentially big savings here. All the associated tasks with billing will be eliminated for a flat fee cost potentially saving thousands.
    • Bring the spring water online full time. This water is a gift from We the People of the United States. It is egregious and offensive that the Water Company creates fake shortages and attempts to profit off the People’s generosity. This spring has never failed and produces over 2 million cubic feet per month at its lowest.
    • Create GREENBELTS. Green the open space. All this ample water should be greening our open space and yards. Currently any water not used, runs into the ground. The spring flows. Use it or lose it.
    • End punitive overage fees and metering. Watering and greening our neighborhood should be encouraged. Greenbelts protect the surrounding National Forest, protect lives, reduce domestic and wildfire risk, improve quality of life. We the People own the forest. Protecting our forest is the least we can do in thanks for the People’s gift of this wonderful water.
    • End having employees. Outsource what little operation and maintenance is needed through qualified contractors. Outsource billing and accounting. This will save on quarterly withholding, reporting, accounting, and workers’ compensation insurance. This will also reduce costs radically as contractors are far less expensive and do not charge mileage,  continuing education, and are not dependent on the CMWC to make a living.
    • Close the office. This will save on phone, utilities, rent, internet. Thousands annually.
    • End debt. Stop borrowing money.
    • Do a full internal audit. Recover all misused funds as appropriate. Unknown potential revenue. Possibly in the tens of thousands.
    • Sell the empty lot and put toward automation and bringing the spring online full time.
  • Create and update a modern website with all company and membership info easily available and downloadable. FREE. Donated by Mark. Online membership accounts will be available through the billing service.
  • End All Affiliation with the Cascadel Woods “POA”
  • End all affiliation with the “Fire Brigade”

So that’s the broad strokes of the plan. Vote for us to give us a shot.


July 19, 2018 > Dan Norton and Mark Stamas are pleased to announce their candidacy to the Cascadel Mutual Water Company board, to fill the two vacant seats that expired in June 2018.

What a journey so far!

First, the beginning of the story. The night of the June 2018 nregular water board meeting Mark Stamas called a Water Company board member to find out who is on the Water Company board and to ask a question. The board member didn’t really know.

The board member not only couldn’t name the board, when he tried, he named people from the POA board. The particular person he named, is not a water member, and thus couldn’t possibly be on the water board.

This tells us that the opposition has so confused Cascadel that a board member on the Water Board doesn’t know who is on the board, and can’t differentiate between the opposition’s two boards. Not surprising. But disappointing.

“Assuming Roads”

Mark then asked this board member if the Water Company board and the opposition’s POA board are secretly planning to force the Water Company to “assume the responsibility for roads” as they later described it, thus making the Water Company impose on our property rights. The board member said he is not at liberty to say.

This tells us that the opposition has absolute control over his board members and routinely conducts business secretly. We won’t.

In the course of the remaining conversation, what became clear is there is a plan to “assume” roads at the Water Company. We were informed of their plan in a survey mailed immediately after this phone call.

Mark immediately decided to run against the opposition at the annual meeting, and said he was considering a run and asked for that board member’s support.

It’s safe to say that it was also this conversation that triggered the first election postponement. This is disenfranchisement. Then, we did run, and now it’s been postponed again.

As to why the oppositions plans to make the “more financially secure” Water Company “assume the responsibility for roads”?

In practical terms, the opposition’s POA is broken. Plus, he plans to use the Water Company to sue again, anyone choosing not to contribute to his “managing entity” or whatever convoluted mess he creates next The court was clear. Owners can contribute to roads any way they like, such as the Fire Safe Council.

In other words, the opposition has no standing or authority to collect for “roads” no matter what letterhead “managing entity” he uses.

His Managing Entity

The opposition always has had, and continues to have, a “my way or the highway” approach. Though he hides behind his boards, in practical terms, there are no boards.

There is a lack of evidence that directors are thinking for themselves. Sadly, it’s safe to say the Water Company has become a personal front for the opposition too, just like his POA.

In sworn written testimony before the small claims court, the opposition revealed the POA is his personal “managing entity” and “point of collection”. At this point, it seems likely the same is true of the Water Company now. We need open discussion, transparency and inclusion.

Once the opposition learned of the phone conversation described above, the opposition sent a survey, announcing their plan to “merge” the opposition’s two fronts.

What this history confirms, is that the fate of the Water Company is now likely to be exactly the same as the POA.

That is, if we stand by and do nothing.

POA Under the Opposition

  1. He takes over the defunct board and increases fees 43%
  2. Under false pretences he collects and squanders several hundred thousand dollars.
  3. He repeatedly sues residents under false pretences. Losing 13 times.
  4. In practical terms, he bankrupts his POA.
  5. He gives up and conspires to have the Water Company “assume” roads.

Water Company under the Opposition Imagined

The Opposition Has Always Run Unopposed

The opposition has never had to defend his position in a competitive election. Now he does for the first time. If somehow, the opposition is reelected, there is a real potential for the Water Company to go down the drain, no pun intended, just like the POA. His POA is our model. After nine years under the opposition, for all intents and purposes his POA is finished. Otherwise, he would not be proposing roads for the “more financially secure” Water Company now.

He has already disenfranchised us by denying us our legally required annual election, without cause. Twice.

Here’s one potential scenario if these shenanigans continue:

  1. The opposition adds “road” fees to your water bill. Probably happening as we speak. In secret meetings.
  2. He bills for “roads” and Dan and Mark don’t contribute to the opposition but choose instead to continue to support the Fire Safe Council.
  3. He disqualifies us from running against him by changing the bylaws definition of a member “in good standing”.
  4. A rigged “election” gets him elected. Under false pretenses, over the ensuing years, he collects and squanders several hundred thousand dollars.
  5. Under false pretences, he threatens to shut off your water if you don’t pay “roads”. And does.
  6. In practical terms, he is likely to bankrupt our Water Company in much the same manner as his POA. Hundreds of thousands squandered on needless legal fees and attorneys, accounting, employees, utilities, rent, overhead, inferior “road” work done over and over as it continually fails.
  7. Will he quit? Once the money is gone, that is highly likely.

All of the above speculation describes activity that is likely criminal. The law seems to mean nothing to the opposition. For example, when the original POA went defunct, the opposition just took over with illegal elections and illegal business. Who knows how long since there was a legal Water Company election.


Based on the opposition’s record there is a high likelihood the Water Company is next in line for failure.

Expecting a different result is insane by definition.

Please vote for Dan Norton and Mark Stamas for the Water Company.

​Please email cascadelwoods@netptc.net to voice your views and support us.

The opposition has already stalled the election three times. There is a high likelihood of more delays.

Vote for Dan Norton and Mark Stamas to Save the Water Company.